The Glade 1w Non Maintained Emergency LED Downlight

The Glade 1w non maintained emergency downlight is a very discreet emergency luminaire, with low running costs; which has a slimline driver module, and is able to fit through a 36-38mm size hole, enabling the Glade to be installed in areas, where space is limited.

The simple low maintenance plug and play design of the Glade, helps to save on installation time, and makes these fittings an ideal choice, for a simple installation project.

These fittings provide a minimum duration of 3 hours, when operating in emergency mode, and can operate in temperature conditions of between 0 degrees C and 40 degrees C.

The 1w LED output this fitting provides, produces an average lumen output of 60 lumens, and the recharge period is less than 24 hours.

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GE Lighting’s LED 2D Lamps Which Look Like A Normal CFL 2D Lamp

Most of the LED 2D lamps out there at the moment, are the chip circuit board style, on a circular tray; which can look out of place in a light fitting.

The LED 2D lamps that we sell from GE Lighting are a true retrofit 2D lamp; and they look like a traditional CFL 2D lamp; but with the added benefit and features being that these are in fact an LED 2D lamp; with all the energy saving benefits that an LED lamp has to offer.

These LED 2D lamps from GE Lighting, are available in different colours.

The colours available are warm white, white; and cool white.

Direct equivilants to 16w and 28w standard 2D lamps are available.

The 6.5w LED versions are the direct replacements for the standard 16w 2D lamps; and the 12.5w LED versions are the replacements for the standard 28w 2D lamps.

All providing around 40,000 hours lamp life, and producing a high lumen output.

The good things about these lamps are:

  1. They last on average 2.5 – 3 times longer than standard 2D lamps
  2. The 6.5w LED versions work magnetic ballasts; and the 12.5w have different versions, to suit either a magnetic ballast, or an electronic ballast
  3. There is no costly upgrade, when switching to these LED 2D lamps

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Dimmable IP65 Fire Rated LED Downlights Which Look Like They Have A Normal Lamp Inside

Heathfield LED have this fantastic new IP65 dimmable fire rated LED downlight, which unlike the majority of other similar products out there; this fitting doesn’t have the look of the “traditional” cluster of 3 LED’s inside, and actually gives the appearance that there is a normal lamp inside.

This style of fitting is much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The fitting is supplied with 3 different coloured bezels, meaning that you don’t need to worry about specifying the colour bezel at the start, when ordering.

You will be supplied with a white, polished chrome, and also a brushed chrome bezel, at no additional cost.

All of these bezels are all inter-changeable, meaning that you can simply change the colour to suit.

The fittings are dimmable with standard leading edge and trailing edge dimmers, with a nice instant start, with no annoying humming noise.

You get a choice of different LED colours, a daylight (6000K), which gives out an impressive 800 lumens; as well as a warm white (3000K), and a cool white (4000K).

The manufacturer is so confident in this product that they offer a 10 year domestic warranty, and a 5 year commercial warranty.

heathfield ip65 fire rated led downlight

To see the full information on the HDL10LED/IP65/FR/6000K daylight LED colour fittings click here

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Venture Lighting’s Range Of LED Lamps And Tubes

Venture Lighting one of the well known and established manufacturers of lighting control gear, have now expanded their range, introducing a high quality range of LED lamps and tubes.

Their dimmable range of LED candle lamps are compatible with most dimmer switches, and provide consistent light, with flicker free dimming.

Venture Lightings LED candle lamps can be used at home, in applications throughout the house, and also commercial applications, in restaurants, guest houses, hotels, and other places, which have traditional wall and ceiling lights, where an LED candle lamp would be most suited.

Depending on the LED lamp chosen, they range from between 25 to 40w halogen equivilant, in all difference bases, and produce between 250 to 490 lumens, in either a 2700K warm white, or 5000K daylight colour.

On their T8 LED tubes, there are a choice of either 4000K (cool white) or 6500K (daylight) for the LED colour, and these are available as a replacement for T8 fluorescent tubes.

When replacing fluorescent tubes for Venture Lightings LED tubes, all you need to do if you have a magnetic ballast, is replace the starter in the fitting. A starter is supplied with these tubes.

If replacing the tube in a fitting which has an electronic ballast, there is nothing to change, as this is a retrofit solution, which is plug and play.

All of the LED candle lamps can be viewed by clicking here

All of the T8 LED tubes can be viewed by clicking here

t8 led tubesled candle lamps

The Seguro Range Of Fire Rated LED Downlights From Channel Safety Systems

The Seguro fire rated LED downlights are an impressive downlight which offer an LED equivilant to a 50w halogen downlight.

This particular range of fire rated LED downlights are all dimmable as standard, and produce 700 lumens output and give out even light distribution via their optical grade PMMA lens.

The fittings are available with a white, polished chrome, or brushed chrome bezel, and come with a choice of either a warm white (3000k), or a cool white (4000k) LED colour.

To save time and help with installation, every one these fittings is supplied with push fit connectors.

Seguro 10w fire rated led downlight

For full details of this range, please click here

The New IP65 Rated Meteor LED Emergency Bulkhead

Channel Safety Systems now have a nice looking slimline IP65 emergency LED bulkhead in their Meteor range.

This discreet looking slimline emergency bulkhead uses the very latest in LED technology, to provide a high power light output in emergency operation, whilst at the same time providing low running costs, with it’s 10 LED’s, which only use 2 watts in total, unlike a standard T5 emergency bulkhead, which uses 8 watts.

There are various accessories available for this product, including a semi-recessing kit.

meteor IP65 bulkhead light


For full details of this product, please click here 


Instant Start Dimmable LED Panels With No Flickering Or Humming

Heathfield LED have a high quality range of 600 x 600 dimmable LED panels, which light up instantly, without any flickering or humming. As well as this great feature, they also have a unique circuit design, where if for any reason one of the actual LED’s inside the fittings were to stop working or fail for any reason, this would not take out all of the other LED’s, leaving you in the dark. The reason for this is because each group of LED’s work individually.

Heathfield do two ranges at the moment, both of which are fully dimmable and available in emergency versions; their ECO range, which all come with a 3 year warranty, and their standard range, which all come with a 5 year warranty.



To view all of Heathfield’s LED panels, along with detailed PDF specification datasheets, please click here

Super Bright IP66 LED Brick Lights

Introduced by LED Robus are these super bright LED brick lights, which come complete with a plastic sleeve, to help make recessing these fittings into brickwork straight forward and easy.

Utilising the latest in SMD chips, you are provided with a fitting that achieves around 30,000 hours life expectancy, which makes them virtually maintenance free, as the need for regular lamp changing will not be required, like with standard halogen brick lights, where you would have around 2,000 hours average lamp life, which in turn would result in the need to replace lamps frequently.

This type of product can be used to further enhance existing lighting in domestic or commercial applications, and the IP66 ingress protection rating, ensures a great waterproof protection too.

To buy these LED brick lights online, click here

led brick lights


Flexible LED Strip Kits Supplied Pre-Built And Complete With LED Driver

Flexible LED strip is a very effective way of creating a nice ambient mood lighting environment in nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, bathrooms, and many more places. In most circumstances you would normally buy a coil of flexible LED strip, cut this to the required length. You would then work out what LED driver you would need, depending on the wattage of the run you have. After this you would then need to connect the driver up; and this can all take time.

We have the ideal solution to overcome this little hurdle. Pre assembled LED kits, which all come supplied with a 2 metre lead, which has a jack socket that links the LED ribbon tape straight to the LED driver. This mean that you pick the kit that suits the length of run you have. For example, lets say the area you need to cover is 3 metres. You simply pick the 3 metre kit, which comes with everything required, including the LED driver, and away you go.

We also supply these kits in cool white, warm white, blue; as well as a colour changing RGB version as well.

To view all the normal flexible LED strip kits online, click here

To view the RGB colour changing kits, click here

flexible led strip kit

14w LED 2D Bulkhead Lights With Brass Bezels

Added to our range of fantastic LED lights, we are now selling a circular 2D LED bulkhead, which has a brass bezel, giving these lights an upmarket and classic appearance.

We have two versions of this fitting, a standard 14w IP54 LED version, and we also have a maintained emergency version, which has a 3 hour battery backup.

What Environments Do These Fittings Work In?

A typical working environment for these LED bulkheads, would be an installation inside a large upmarket hotel, where a more traditional look is required, in order to maintain or enhance the ambiance of the building.

Are These Fittings Just Aimed At Hotels?

No, these fittings aren’t just for hotels. They can be used in vast numbers of different environments, where the sole aim is to try and achieve a traditional look, whilst looking to reduce running costs, and achieve a more cost effective energy efficient lighting layout, using LED, instead of using traditional 2D fittings that take 2D fluorescent lamps.

The IP54 ingress protection rating, also gives the option of these LED bulkheads being used for external use, as well as internal use.


To see the details of the standard version of this fitting, please click here

To see the maintained emergency version of this fitting, please click here

14w LED Circular Bulkhead