600×600 Dimmable And Non Dimmable LED Panels Now Available

If you looking to replace exisiting 600 x 600 recessed modular lights in an office environment, then we have the ideal choice for you.

LEDRIDGE Lightings range of 600 x 600 LED panels, come with super bright LEDs; and will fit into any exisiting 600 x 600 ceiling grid.

Not only will you be achieiving great energy saving results, you will also have no maintainance costs in terms of lamp changes. For instance most offices nowadays have 4 tube 600 x 600 recessed modular lights in place. If you can imagine that the tubes inside these fittings, will have to be changed at some point; and re-lamping an entire large office area, with numerous numbers of these fittings in, isn’t only going to be time consuming, it’s going to be a costly exercise too.

Having LED panels instead of these traditional recessed modular lights means that you will be achieiving around 50,000 hours from the LED’s, which is an extremely long LED lamp life, which means that you will not need to worry about frequent lamp changes.


Please click here to see all the LED Panels that are available, along with all the PDF technical data sheets