Flexible LED Strip Kits Supplied Pre-Built And Complete With LED Driver

Flexible LED strip is a very effective way of creating a nice ambient mood lighting environment in nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, bathrooms, and many more places. In most circumstances you would normally buy a coil of flexible LED strip, cut this to the required length. You would then work out what LED driver you would need, depending on the wattage of the run you have. After this you would then need to connect the driver up; and this can all take time.

We have the ideal solution to overcome this little hurdle. Pre assembled LED kits, which all come supplied with a 2 metre lead, which has a jack socket that links the LED ribbon tape straight to the LED driver. This mean that you pick the kit that suits the length of run you have. For example, lets say the area you need to cover is 3 metres. You simply pick the 3 metre kit, which comes with everything required, including the LED driver, and away you go.

We also supply these kits in cool white, warm white, blue; as well as a colour changing RGB version as well.

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flexible led strip kit