Instant Start Dimmable LED Panels With No Flickering Or Humming

Heathfield LED have a high quality range of 600 x 600 dimmable LED panels, which light up instantly, without any flickering or humming. As well as this great feature, they also have a unique circuit design, where if for any reason one of the actual LED’s inside the fittings were to stop working or fail for any reason, this would not take out all of the other LED’s, leaving you in the dark. The reason for this is because each group of LED’s work individually.

Heathfield do two ranges at the moment, both of which are fully dimmable and available in emergency versions; their ECO range, which all come with a 3 year warranty, and their standard range, which all come with a 5 year warranty.



To view all of Heathfield’s LED panels, along with detailed PDF specification datasheets, please click here