Venture Lighting’s Range Of LED Lamps And Tubes

Venture Lighting one of the well known and established manufacturers of lighting control gear, have now expanded their range, introducing a high quality range of LED lamps and tubes.

Their dimmable range of LED candle lamps are compatible with most dimmer switches, and provide consistent light, with flicker free dimming.

Venture Lightings LED candle lamps can be used at home, in applications throughout the house, and also commercial applications, in restaurants, guest houses, hotels, and other places, which have traditional wall and ceiling lights, where an LED candle lamp would be most suited.

Depending on the LED lamp chosen, they range from between 25 to 40w halogen equivilant, in all difference bases, and produce between 250 to 490 lumens, in either a 2700K warm white, or 5000K daylight colour.

On their T8 LED tubes, there are a choice of either 4000K (cool white) or 6500K (daylight) for the LED colour, and these are available as a replacement for T8 fluorescent tubes.

When replacing fluorescent tubes for Venture Lightings LED tubes, all you need to do if you have a magnetic ballast, is replace the starter in the fitting. A starter is supplied with these tubes.

If replacing the tube in a fitting which has an electronic ballast, there is nothing to change, as this is a retrofit solution, which is plug and play.

All of the LED candle lamps can be viewed by clicking here

All of the T8 LED tubes can be viewed by clicking here

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