GE Lighting’s LED 2D Lamps Which Look Like A Normal CFL 2D Lamp

Most of the LED 2D lamps out there at the moment, are the chip circuit board style, on a circular tray; which can look out of place in a light fitting.

The LED 2D lamps that we sell from GE Lighting are a true retrofit 2D lamp; and they look like a traditional CFL 2D lamp; but with the added benefit and features being that these are in fact an LED 2D lamp; with all the energy saving benefits that an LED lamp has to offer.

These LED 2D lamps from GE Lighting, are available in different colours.

The colours available are warm white, white; and cool white.

Direct equivilants to 16w and 28w standard 2D lamps are available.

The 6.5w LED versions are the direct replacements for the standard 16w 2D lamps; and the 12.5w LED versions are the replacements for the standard 28w 2D lamps.

All providing around 40,000 hours lamp life, and producing a high lumen output.

The good things about these lamps are:

  1. They last on average 2.5 – 3 times longer than standard 2D lamps
  2. The 6.5w LED versions work magnetic ballasts; and the 12.5w have different versions, to suit either a magnetic ballast, or an electronic ballast
  3. There is no costly upgrade, when switching to these LED 2D lamps

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