The Glade 1w Non Maintained Emergency LED Downlight

The Glade 1w non maintained emergency downlight is a very discreet emergency luminaire, with low running costs; which has a slimline driver module, and is able to fit through a 36-38mm size hole, enabling the Glade to be installed in areas, where space is limited.

The simple low maintenance plug and play design of the Glade, helps to save on installation time, and makes these fittings an ideal choice, for a simple installation project.

These fittings provide a minimum duration of 3 hours, when operating in emergency mode, and can operate in temperature conditions of between 0 degrees C and 40 degrees C.

The 1w LED output this fitting provides, produces an average lumen output of 60 lumens, and the recharge period is less than 24 hours.

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