9w Dimmable IP65 Fire Rated LED Downlights With A Choice Of Different Colour Bezel Options

New to our range of LED products, is this fantastic 9w IP65 LED downlight, which is available in either a natural white LED (4100K), or a warm white LED (2900K). There is also a choice of four different colour bezels to suit your requirement. There is a white bezel, which is the standard one, that these LED downlights are fitted with; and there is also the option to purchase bezels in satin chrome, polished chrome, and graphite.

These bezels simply detach from the front of the fitting, where you can then attach the bezel of your choice, depending on what finish is required for a specific project or installation requirement.

With a 5 year guarantee, 30 minute fire rating, on installations in single plasterboard ceilings, and a 60 minute fire rating on installations in double plasterboard ceilings, these fire rated LED downlights are perfect for both commercial and residential installations.

Also, the fact that these LED downlights have an IP65 rating, means that these fittings are suitable for use in ceilings in bathrooms, as well as all zone 1 and zone 2 areas too.


These LED Downlights offer the following features:

  • The natural white LED (4100K) is equivilant to 64w halogen
  • The warm white LED (2900K) is equivilant to 61w halogen
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Choice of different colour bezel options
  • Suitable for different ceiling thicknesses
  • Mains plug-in connectors for ease of electrical testing and final installation
  • Flexible LED driver on the bottom of the fitting for simple installation
  • High quality integral CREE LED’s
  • Dimmable with standard leading edge dimmers
  • 60˚ even light distribution beam angle

Deltech 9w IP65 Fire Rated LED Downlight


For more information and to buy these LED downlights online, please click here to view the natural white LED fitting

Or click here to view the warm white LED fitting

Super Bright Dimmable GU10 LED Lamps

We are now selling a fantastic trailing edge dimmable GU10 LED lamp, which is available in a 7.2w 4100 kelvin colour and a 6.9w 3100 kelvin colour, with both lamps providing more than 500 lumens each.

In fact the 4100 kelvin lamp (cool white) produces 540 lumens, and the 3100 kelvin (warm white), produces 506 lumens.

Both lamps have the latest bridgelux LED chips inside, and each one comes with a 3 year guarantee.

Bridgelux LED chips are well know in the market place for providing the latest in LED technology.

These GU10 LED lamps are great for use in existing mains voltage downlights, if you are looking for changing exisiting mains voltage halogen lamps over to LED, to provide an energy A rating to all your LED lamps.


Please click here to see the 7.2w cool white GU10 LED lamp

Please click here to see the 6.9w warm white GU10 LED lamp




Heathfield LED’s 4.5w Retrofit MR16 LED Lamp

Heathfield LED have introduced a 4.5w MR16 LED lamp, available in three different colours, daylight, cool white, and warm white, with the 6000k daylight lamp producing a staggering 450 lumens.

These MR16 LED lamps, measure 50mm x 50mm and provide around 40,000 hours lamp life. They also come with a 5 year warranty, which is based on these lamps running for 12 hours per day.

The beauty of these lamps is the fact that they have been designed to replace a normal 12 volt 50w dichroic halogen lamp, and until recently trying to achieve in LED, eqivilant to 50w halogen, has been pretty difficult, with most manufacturers offering products, which will produce equivilant to 20 or 25w halogen.

For more information and to view all these MR16 LED lamps, which you can buy online, please click here 

The New Orbita 50 15w LED Downlight From Saxby Lighting

With the CREE XPE LED chips inside them, Saxby Lighting’s new 15w Orbita 50 LED downlights have the latest LED technology inside them, giving these LED downlights a brighter output than that of a 50w MR16 dichroic lamp.

The beauty of using these fittings means that you can pick the colour fitting that you want, either warm white or cool white. You can then pick the fitting head that you would like, for example an adjustable head in white. You then have the option of deciding if or not you require these fittings to be dimmable or not, by selecting either a dimmable or non dimmable LED driver to work with these LED downlights.

Please click here if you would like more information on this range of LED Downlights

How To Convert Existing MR16 Downlights To Long Life LED Versions

Nowadays we are all looking at energy saving as being top of our priority lists when trying to reduce our carbon footprint, and also reduce running costs as well.

In most corridors in hotels, gymnasiums, and large office areas, you would normally see a lot of low voltage MR16 downlights. Typically these would be running standard 12 volt 50w dichroic halogen lamps, with an average lamp life of 2,000 hours. If low voltage downlights aren’t in place, then more than likely there would be mains voltage GU10 halogen lamps running inside existing downlights. Again the lamp life of these lamps is similar to that of the voltage voltage dichroic lamps.

As with most large office areas, typically corridor areas, you would see hundreds of either low voltage or mains voltage downlights. The running costs for all these fittings would be quite expensive over a period of time.

There is an easy solution to reducing your running costs in this instance, when these downlights are in place. This can be done without the need to change the actual fittings that are in place.

We have the ideal product for this. LED MR16 Inserts, available in either a 3w LED, or a 9w LED, with an average LED lamp life of 25,000 hours. The 3w versions run off a 350mA series LED driver, whilst the more powerful 9w versions run off a 700mA LED driver.

These LED MR16 inserts are available in a white LED colour or a warm white LED colour; and simply fit into any MR16 downlight housing, without the need to alter or change exisiting fittings. All that you need to do is place the MR16 LED insert inside the MR16 downlight housing; and then use an LED driver, instead of a low voltage transformer to power these fittings.

To see all of this range of MR16 LED downlight inserts on this website, which you can buy online please click here

600×600 Dimmable And Non Dimmable LED Panels Now Available

If you looking to replace exisiting 600 x 600 recessed modular lights in an office environment, then we have the ideal choice for you.

LEDRIDGE Lightings range of 600 x 600 LED panels, come with super bright LEDs; and will fit into any exisiting 600 x 600 ceiling grid.

Not only will you be achieiving great energy saving results, you will also have no maintainance costs in terms of lamp changes. For instance most offices nowadays have 4 tube 600 x 600 recessed modular lights in place. If you can imagine that the tubes inside these fittings, will have to be changed at some point; and re-lamping an entire large office area, with numerous numbers of these fittings in, isn’t only going to be time consuming, it’s going to be a costly exercise too.

Having LED panels instead of these traditional recessed modular lights means that you will be achieiving around 50,000 hours from the LED’s, which is an extremely long LED lamp life, which means that you will not need to worry about frequent lamp changes.


Please click here to see all the LED Panels that are available, along with all the PDF technical data sheets 

Competitive Range Of LED Picture Lights Available To Buy Online

We now have a great choice of LED picture lights available in different finishes, including, chrome, brass and antique brass. All of these LED picture lights are now available to buy online from this website.

One of the main advantages of deciding to install an LED picture light over a standard traditional halogen picture light, is the benefit of reducing your carbon footprint, buy using a fitting which has a much lower power output.

There are also quite a few more benefits as well by deciding to choice an LED picture light over a standard halogen picture light, including the fact that you will have much more lamp life from an LED picture light, around 30,000 to 50,000 hours LED lamp life, compared to that of around 1,000 hours, for a standard halogen picture light.

Click here to view all of the LED picture lights that are available to purchase online from this website

IP44 LED Bathroom Mirror Lights At Bargain Prices!

We have a superb range of IP44 LED bathroom mirror lights, which are all available to buy online at discounted trade prices through this website.

The ones which are the most popular are the RCT5039 rectangular LED mirror lights, which have 32 x cool white 12 volt LED strip lights inside them, as well as having a built in LED driver, which means that you will not have to purchase a seperate LED driver to run these LED mirror lights.

The two main benefits of bathroom mirror lights, with built in LED lights inside them are the facts that they are energy efficient, along with the fact that they will have a longer life span, than bathroom mirror lights that have standard halogen lamps to illuminate them.

To view these IP44 bathroom LED mirror lights on this website site please click here

New Range Of Retrofit GU10 LED Lamps Available At Competitive Prices

We have a brilliant range of retrofit GU10 LED lamps from LEDridge Lighting, available to buy from our website. These GU10 LED lamps, range from a 3w, right through to a 9w.

We also have these LED GU10 lamps available in a choice of either a cool white, or warm white colour; as well as having some of these lamps available in a dimmable version too.

With an average lamp life of around 40,000 hours, and the fact that these lamps are the same size as a standard GU10 halogen lamp, these lamps will fit into any GU10 mains voltage downlight or other GU10 luminaire.

To see all these LED GU10 lamps, please click here to go through to these lamps on this website

New LED Lighting Store Launched

We would like to welcome you to our new website, discountledlighting.co.uk.

We specialise in providing a whole range of indoor and outdoor LED Lighting products, ranging from indoor LED wall lights, through to flexible LED ribbon tape; and a whole array of outside garden LED lights as well. If there is a specific product that you are looking for that isn’t listed on our website, the chances are that we sell the product. In this instance please either contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be able to let you know straight away whether we can provide the product that you are looking for.

Also, on larger projects and orders where you require a number of LED lights, again please contact us; and we will be able to put together a quotation for you, where extra discount can be applied.